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Choosing Granite Vanity Countertops for the Bathroom


granite countertops tulsaNext to shower stall and toilet, another basic concern for remodeling the bathrooms is the material to be used for the vanity countertops. Fortunately, unlike with countertops meant for the kitchen, the one for the bathroom sink does not have to be strictly utilitarian in style. After all, it seldom takes the same degree of abuse that the kitchen countertop is basically given to: knife scratches, food stains and surface cracks due to accidental drops of heavy objects. Continue reading Choosing Granite Vanity Countertops for the Bathroom

Granite Countertops: Stylish yet Practical Option for the Kitchen


For many homeowners, kitchens will never be the same without granite countertops. Highly popular during the early 90’s and glamorized by the Hollywood movie sets, granite has established a legendary status in many residential spaces due to its classic appeal. But while this favorite countertop material is basically known for its aesthetic quality, it also has other intrinsic properties which make it a practical choice for those who want to get more value for their money.

Advantages of Choosing Granite for Countertops

Installing granite countertops is not just about creating a timeless look in the kitchen. Sure, it has a luminous finish that exudes a “contemporary sleek” charm as well as a coarse-grained pattern which creates an accent for the kitchen motif. However, there are still more to granite than meets the eye. Here are some of the reasons why this natural stone is an ideal material for your countertop:

  • Durable – Back from the stone quarry and down to the factory, each granite slab is subjected to pressure and heat until it is transformed into a suitable construction material for homes. Still, it remains to be one of the sturdiest countertop options these days. It is practically scratch-resistant, which means that countertops will not show any signs of knife cuts and other accidental scrapes caused by a whirlwind of food preparations. It can even endure heat from still-warm pans without incurring damages on its surface. Because of this, your countertop will last longer while looking as good as brand new.
  • Stain-Resistant – Granite is virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to its polished finish, this countertop material is impervious to stains which can spoil its appearance. All you have to do is use a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean.
  • Customizable – Just like its steel and wooden counterparts, a granite slab can be customized to fit the homeowners’ design requirements. Aside from a variety of patented colors, you can also choose your preferred style for its edges. It is not true that stone materials such as granite is only limited to the classic rounded corners. Actually, today’s designs seem to lean heavily on sculptural techniques for inspiration. You can add these little details to your granite countertops to somehow soften their tough appearance.

Adding Value to the Home

Years later, you may have to leave your home and move to another place. If you are going to sell your home, the kitchen would naturally go with it—including the countertop. The good thing is that many houses with granite surfaces typically have a high resell value. This is probably due to the rising popularity of the stone material. According to real estate estimates, the selling price for residential spaces that have preserved granite countertops over the years is double the original cost of acquisition.