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Choosing a fan for your indoor space

The ceiling fan in your home is not merely meant for the air circulation; ceiling fans also function as the center piece of the room they are installed in. Home owners looking to install a ceiling fan have a lot to choose from. You have different designs to suit any kind of decorative pattern, different sizes of fans and different controls as well.

If you are looking for a fan that will look nice hanging from the ceiling and also function exceptionally, then you have to consider more than just the brand you want. Here are some tips that will help you settle on the right ceiling fan for your living space;

1. What size is the room?

 If the fan is too big or too small, you can be sure that the air circulation will be poor. To measure a ceiling fan, you have to consider the diameter of the blade sweep. 


In large spaces, you can opt for two small fans rather than a large one, and this also offers better air circulation. When it comes to fan sizes, a 29″ or less ceiling fan usually goes well with a room of less than 50 square feet. A 36″ fan fits well in a room size of 75 square feet which could be a large bathroom or a breakfast nook. 42″ ceiling fans work well for rooms measuring 100 square feet, which is typically a bedroom, kitchen or office. If you want to install the fan in a bigger space of up to 224 square feet, you should go with a 52″ fan which will fit perfectly in a master bedroom, dining room or patio area. For rooms covering more than 226 square feet, a ceiling fan measuring 56″ or more should suffice.

2. Height of the fan

First off, you need to know the building codes in your area before you can install the fan. Typically, the fan should be suspended 7-9 feet off the ground. Aside from meeting the building codes, such a height is ideal for air circulation. It is also important that a

fan stays above the average height of an adult off the ground for safety purposes.

3. Choosing the blades
When it comes to the type and number of blades, the choice is yours. Today, ceiling fan blade design is focused more on aesthetics than air circulation. The more conventional look is that of a fan with 4-5 blades. A fan with 2-3 blades gives a more modern look. You can choose a fan with blades made from wood, plastic or metal depending on your taste.

4. Controls 

You can choose between three types of controls; a handheld remote, pull chain control, or wall mounted control. With some designs, you can have two controls (such as wall mounted controls and a remote). It all depends on your budget and preferences.

5. Installation

Installing your new fan may seem like a DIY project but you should NEVER attempt any installations around the home if you are not sure of what you are doing. Find a professional electrician Tulsa and let them handle the specifics for you.