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4 Elements of Successful Kitchen Remodeling

home remodeling skiatookAlthough it may sound cliché, kitchen remodeling is one way to reenergize the heart of your home. When you think about all the spaces you use in a house, the kitchen is one place all the residents pass through each day. If the current cooking area in your home does not provide this experience, think about how an improved space would make your home more enjoyable.

Before you start a project, these questions can provide insight into areas you want to consider:
1.       What is your entertaining style?
How you entertain can be a large part of a kitchen remodel. Is your ideal gathering held in a formal dining room away from the food preparation, or are guests comfortable in a more casual setting while the meal is prepared. This can be instrumental in selecting open concept versus more traditional room planning.
2.       How much space do you need?
Are your gatherings large, required extra burners or double ovens, or will standard appliances more than accommodate your typical get together. Of course the size of your family or number of residents using the space should be a consideration so the result is not too grand for everyday use. This can also be based on how large your home is so the space you create can be in scale with the property.
3.       Who uses the kitchen…and how?
This may sound like a simple answer, but how each member of your household uses the space in the kitchen is important. Is there someone who enjoys cooking/baking and wants more space for that? Do children need room for homework? If you kitchen does double-duty for many tasks, how will a remodel enhance that situation. For some homeowners this include pets who are a large part of the family.
4.       What are you décor preferences?
From ultra-modern, sleek cabinets to elegant stained cabinetry, there are many ways kitchen remodeling can express your décor preferences. Pair storage solutions with countertop and flowing selections to create a custom space in your home. Selecting finishes should balance aesthetics with durability and ongoing maintenance.
Once you establish the needs and guidelines for a successful renovation to your space, you can select a contractor with kitchen remodeling expertise, to help you create a hub in your home for gatherings with family and friends and make everyday life more enjoyable and convenient.

Choosing Granite Vanity Countertops for the Bathroom


granite countertops tulsaNext to shower stall and toilet, another basic concern for remodeling the bathrooms is the material to be used for the vanity countertops. Fortunately, unlike with countertops meant for the kitchen, the one for the bathroom sink does not have to be strictly utilitarian in style. After all, it seldom takes the same degree of abuse that the kitchen countertop is basically given to: knife scratches, food stains and surface cracks due to accidental drops of heavy objects. Continue reading Choosing Granite Vanity Countertops for the Bathroom

Home Renovation and Construction Tulsa: Discovering Some Helpful Tips in Successfully Doing the Project

If you are planning to hire a home renovation and construction Tulsa expert, then you need to first discover a few valuable tips that can assist you in hiring and making the whole renovation and construction project successful. This is crucial in making sure that you get the best out of your investment. The following are just few of the plenty of tips that will surely guide you.

1. Invest in low-maintenance construction materials. Examples of thee include metal roofing and vinyl siding. Despite the fact that these materials are somewhat expensive especially during the installation procedure, you will realize that your investment is all worth it since you will be able to save a substantial amount in the future. It is due to the fact that low-maintenance materials do not require lots of repairs, replacements and repainting.

2. Buy only the things that you really need for your home. This is an important tip when trying to complete a home construction Tulsa project because it allows you to install only the most valuable things. This will prevent you from wasting time and money over unnecessary home additions. This tip does not mean, however, that you should skim on doors, windows and structural components. You still need to buy high quality materials that are priced reasonably. It is also crucial for you to choose materials based on their ability to offer your home its needed security.

3. Set aside a contingency fund. This is crucial in ensuring that you have enough funds to support the project especially after realizing that it actually costs more than what you have budgeted or expected. While it is good to set a more realistic budget for a construction or remodeling project, note that this does not mean eating up your contingency fund as a means of stretching the said budget. Set aside at least five percent of the total amount you are willing to spend for the project for your contingency fund to guarantee its successful completion.

4. Work only with certified general contractors. When trying to complete a construction Tulsa project, you should know how important it is to hire the most certified general contractors. You also need to check the experience of your choices prior to hiring. Go for seasoned professionals who have already established a good name in the industry and cultivated strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. This can give you a hundred percent guarantee that you will be handing over the project to construction experts whose competence in the field is unquestionable.