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Choosing a fan for your indoor space

The ceiling fan in your home is not merely meant for the air circulation; ceiling fans also function as the center piece of the room they are installed in. Home owners looking to install a ceiling fan have a lot to choose from. You have different designs to suit any kind of decorative pattern, different sizes of fans and different controls as well.

If you are looking for a fan that will look nice hanging from the ceiling and also function exceptionally, then you have to consider more than just the brand you want. Here are some tips that will help you settle on the right ceiling fan for your living space;

1. What size is the room?

 If the fan is too big or too small, you can be sure that the air circulation will be poor. To measure a ceiling fan, you have to consider the diameter of the blade sweep. 


In large spaces, you can opt for two small fans rather than a large one, and this also offers better air circulation. When it comes to fan sizes, a 29″ or less ceiling fan usually goes well with a room of less than 50 square feet. A 36″ fan fits well in a room size of 75 square feet which could be a large bathroom or a breakfast nook. 42″ ceiling fans work well for rooms measuring 100 square feet, which is typically a bedroom, kitchen or office. If you want to install the fan in a bigger space of up to 224 square feet, you should go with a 52″ fan which will fit perfectly in a master bedroom, dining room or patio area. For rooms covering more than 226 square feet, a ceiling fan measuring 56″ or more should suffice.

2. Height of the fan

First off, you need to know the building codes in your area before you can install the fan. Typically, the fan should be suspended 7-9 feet off the ground. Aside from meeting the building codes, such a height is ideal for air circulation. It is also important that a

fan stays above the average height of an adult off the ground for safety purposes.

3. Choosing the blades
When it comes to the type and number of blades, the choice is yours. Today, ceiling fan blade design is focused more on aesthetics than air circulation. The more conventional look is that of a fan with 4-5 blades. A fan with 2-3 blades gives a more modern look. You can choose a fan with blades made from wood, plastic or metal depending on your taste.

4. Controls 

You can choose between three types of controls; a handheld remote, pull chain control, or wall mounted control. With some designs, you can have two controls (such as wall mounted controls and a remote). It all depends on your budget and preferences.

5. Installation

Installing your new fan may seem like a DIY project but you should NEVER attempt any installations around the home if you are not sure of what you are doing. Find a professional electrician Tulsa and let them handle the specifics for you. 

5 Signs and Reasons to Call an Electrician OKC

While you might have good knowledge on how you can handle 
some electrical tasks in your home in OKC, it is always advisable to hire an electrician 
to help you if you recognize some signs that there is a problem with your 
system. It is good to note that a simple problem might escalate into bigger 
issues if it is not handled in a professional manner. It will cost you some 
money to hire an electrician to do the job for you, but the benefits you get 
surpass the amount you spend. There are signs and reasons that warrant you to 
call an electrician OKC. Here are some of these signs and reasons. 


Blown fuses and trips 


One of the signs that you need to call an electrician is when 
you realize that there are blown fuses or you are experiencing frequent trips. If 
you allow these problems to continue without seeking the assistance of a professional, 
this might lead to greater problem that will be costly to repair. In addition, 
you also put your home into high risks because such problem can even lead to electric 


Realize that your light flicks frequently


If you notice that your lights keep on flickering, then 
there is an issue with your system. This is a sign that you might be having a 
lot of appliances operating at the same time. The flickering occurs because there 
is excess pressure put on your motor. An electrician OKC has the knowledge and 
skills on how to rectify this issue and ensure that the flickering stops and no 
other problem arise as a result. They will assist you upgrade the appliances 
and the service panels in order to provide the right amount of power required 
in your home.


Surfacing of your electrical systems and extra warm switches


Another sign that you will need to seek the help of an 
electrician is when you realize that switches and other power points in your house 
are getting extra warmer when you touch them. There are certain instances when 
there might be electrical shocks. You need to call your electricity immediately 
to avoid fatal accident that might occur. 


Upgrading your electrical systems


When you built your home, you might have just had a few appliances, 
but with time you have added new ones. 
With more appliances it means that your power demand also goes high. To 
avoid facing a lot of power issues, you will need to call an electrician OKC to 
help update your system to increase the power supply to all the appliances. 


Unusual noises 


In case there are gaps in your electrical systems, the power 
might produce some audible noises as it jumps from one gap to the other. Some 
of these noises might come in form of buzzing or humming, sputtering or 
sparking. If you recognize such noise you need to call an electrician to perform 
inspection to check the actual cause. 


Bottom line


To ensure that all the problems are rectified amicably, make 
sure you work with the most reputable and experienced electrician OKC

Keep Your Dryer Vent Safe


air duct cleaning tulsaLots of homeowners are attentive in making sure the lint catch is cleaned between loads in the clothes dryer. While that is extremely important, much of the threat from your home's clothes dryer takes place out of sight, past exactly what you could get to in everyday cleansing.

It has been approximated that what you clean up from the dust trap can be just a 25 percent of the dust, while the continuing to be 75 percent is not had for very easy cleaning. Even in newer models with sophisticated lint catches where a bulk it contained in advance, there is still too much passing through. Over time this accumulate could develop the opportunity for a fire threat.

Although it may not get on your current family maintenance list, a specialist dryer vent cleaning could add to risk-free procedure and also the effectiveness of the device. Some usual inquiries concerning dryer vents consist of:


A professional dryer vent cleaning should attend to the entire vent from the clothes dryer to the outside leave factor, reaching locations that could not come to the majority of property owners.


There are a few different reasons a clothes dryer could capture on fire, one of the most usual is if the air flow in the duct is limited by an accumulation of dust. This can raise drying time which after that causes the motor to get too hot. The lint underneath the dryer can after that catch fire, which is prepared right into the air duct by the air circulation.


The even more lint build up that remains in the air vent, the more difficult your clothes dryer has to function to completely dry garments. Longer drying out times are straining to the maker itself and require more power to operate.


It differs by home owner, yet several suggestions suggest every 1-3 years relying on usage. If you have a large family members or are regularly doing washing it is most likely that you are generating even more dust than a property owner using their dryer less frequently.


It has actually been 2 years or even more considering that your last specialist service, yet if you see other indicators then much faster activity may be needed

Clothes are taking much longer to completely dry as well as the device is otherwise operating well

The clothes dryer feels extremely hot to the touch as well as clothing could be damaged

The outdoors flap of the air vent is extremely silent

Other means right into rise the security of your residence's clothes dryer consist of being thorough regarding just what you position right into the clothes dryer. Clothing that are subjected to oils, cleaning up solvents or various other chemicals could need special treatment or added launderings before going into the dryer. Past frequent cleanings, utilizing the ideal products to vent your clothes dryer is essential.

With more than 20 years of industry experience Better Duct Cleansing has the experience to assist. If you have concerns concerning dryer vent cleaning, or are ready to set up a service call today.


air duct cleaning tulsaAir Duct Cleaning Tulsa

Unlike the majority of surface areas where you can easily see dirt and also dirt, evaluating indoor air quality is harder. Many homeowners and also organisations would certainly be stunned to learn that just how much microscopic particles is really in their room, as well as commonly that is not a reflection of home cleaning. Changing filters regularly is an excellent start at boosting just what you are inhaling, but should be part of a bigger plan that addresses the air from the moment it leaves the device and relocates right into the air in your house or organisation.

Although not openly visible and available for checking and also alerting you to build-up, there are two primary reasons to think about having the air ducts in your room skillfully cleaned up:


When air goes through air ducts from a heating or cooling system, microscopic debris and irritants that accumulate can affix and also become part of the air your breath in your house or business. Although concealed, a duct cleansing can get rid of pet dander, plant pollen, mildew, bugs and also even more that have actually collected over time. For those more sensitive to irritants, this could decrease the impact on those with bronchial asthma, allergies or other respiratory system issues.


A clean air system runs much more efficiently and also can add to extending the longevity of the systems. Lowering the dirt as well as particles that are available in contact with heating systems and also a/c unit could aid protect sensitive and also expensive mechanical elements. It can additionally permit the air to removal via even more openly, not making the system work as tough.


Just how frequently should duct be cleaned?
Each environment is different which could add to the regularity of air duct cleaning required. Family pets and brand-new construction dirt would certainly be instances to ask a professional around, so you could get a schedule to satisfy your specific demands of your house or business.
Exactly what is the cleaning procedure?
Not all firms use the very same approach for duct cleaning so it is very important to understand the procedure you are getting for the service you ask for. We utilize a multi-brush approach that incorporates with an effective vacuum to get rid of more debris compared to single brush techniques.
Are there other variables past the ducts themselves?
Filters are an important part of securing your air ducts too and also should be transformed more often compared to you have an expert duct cleaning. Dealing with an expert can help you choose a filter that collaborates with your details system to raise effectiveness and also aid prolong the benefits of the cleaning.
Better Air Duct Cleaning has greater than two decades of cleaning experience. In the Tulsa area, we work straight with homeowners and organizations along with a network of partnerships with heating and cooling firms, apartment building and also real estate agents.


4 Elements of Successful Kitchen Remodeling

home remodeling skiatookAlthough it may sound cliché, kitchen remodeling is one way to reenergize the heart of your home. When you think about all the spaces you use in a house, the kitchen is one place all the residents pass through each day. If the current cooking area in your home does not provide this experience, think about how an improved space would make your home more enjoyable.

Before you start a project, these questions can provide insight into areas you want to consider:
1.       What is your entertaining style?
How you entertain can be a large part of a kitchen remodel. Is your ideal gathering held in a formal dining room away from the food preparation, or are guests comfortable in a more casual setting while the meal is prepared. This can be instrumental in selecting open concept versus more traditional room planning.
2.       How much space do you need?
Are your gatherings large, required extra burners or double ovens, or will standard appliances more than accommodate your typical get together. Of course the size of your family or number of residents using the space should be a consideration so the result is not too grand for everyday use. This can also be based on how large your home is so the space you create can be in scale with the property.
3.       Who uses the kitchen…and how?
This may sound like a simple answer, but how each member of your household uses the space in the kitchen is important. Is there someone who enjoys cooking/baking and wants more space for that? Do children need room for homework? If you kitchen does double-duty for many tasks, how will a remodel enhance that situation. For some homeowners this include pets who are a large part of the family.
4.       What are you décor preferences?
From ultra-modern, sleek cabinets to elegant stained cabinetry, there are many ways kitchen remodeling can express your décor preferences. Pair storage solutions with countertop and flowing selections to create a custom space in your home. Selecting finishes should balance aesthetics with durability and ongoing maintenance.
Once you establish the needs and guidelines for a successful renovation to your space, you can select a contractor with kitchen remodeling expertise, to help you create a hub in your home for gatherings with family and friends and make everyday life more enjoyable and convenient.

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Tulsa Sprinkler System

BannerIn Tulsa, sprinkler systems can help homeowners combat the extreme elements that would dry out a lawn, and ruin a landscape. Not only do most systems provide proper coverage, but they also are a convenient addition for homeowners and business owners. Like any project for your home, not all installations are equal, so doing your research before selecting a contractor is important to protect your investment.  The following questions can help guide your conversation:

1. What brand of irrigation equipment are you using on my yard? This allows you to know the quality of the products they are using.

2. Why do you use that brand for Tulsa sprinkler systems? While they may volunteer this as part of their answer to the first question, this can provide insight into their knowledge of the product. If you are uncertain about the answer you are getting, you can also ask follow up questions regarding how long they have used that line.  

3. How often do I need to adjust my watering schedule? This could be a seasonal task that you need information on. For example, if you have your system installed in the spring, do you need to make adjustments in the summer, or can you just use what they have set up?

4. Do you know what your estimate includes? Working with a contractor who provides a free estimate is important, and having them take the time to walk you through the components of the bid can let you accurately price out the job. If you get a simple stated price without the details, you may not be getting the best value.

5. What do I need to do to maintain this irrigation system? Most systems are extremely low maintenance, but this is also a great way to ask about the warranty on the installation and products.

Whether you enjoy working around the yard, or choose to have someone else take care of the lawn maintenance, properly irrigating the space can keep the curb appeal of your home up. If you are looking for a locally owned company with more than 15 years of experience, call in the team at Extreme Irrigation & Lawn, who are experts at installing Tulsa sprinkler systems tailored to the customer’s property.

Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel Springdale

Successful kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels start with addressing the details

A kitchen remodel can be as simple as changing the countertops, adding a new backsplash and installing different cabinets in your Springdale area home, or it might include removing walls to change the flow and create an open concept living space. Choosing a bathroom remodel can include cosmetic changes to a vanity or shower, or changing the footprint of the space to create a spa at home. Regardless of the scale of the project, consider all the details needed before you get started.

First, are you comfortable planning the design, or do you want the guidance of a professional? This is important since a designer should have knowledge of a wider variety of materials for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. For example you may be planning on granite, but they can also discuss other materials including quartz, solid surfacing or natural marble that might be contenders. In the bathroom, newer products on the market may not even be on your radar yet, but a designer can introduce you to the possibilities. How the elements work together is important to consider before you start any installation.

Second, what is the budget you have to work with? Budgeting is one of the toughest parts of the process for several reasons. Matching your budget to the scale of the project is essential, but leaving room for unexpected issues that can come up can be the key to completing the project on time. Planning a remodel also means evaluating how much you should spend as an investment to avoid overspending for your neighborhood, or not selecting finishes that would be expected in a home like yours for resale.

Third, only work with a contractor with a proven record of quality work in the Springdale area. Experience can be a good indicator of what to expect, and being able to see what they have worked on in the past can let you know if the company you are considering is up for your job. This can include making sure you understand the contract you are signing, down to line item charges.

If you are living in a home that is not functional for your lifestyle, or does not match your design preferences, consider how a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel can make you love your home again. Remodels can be basic or a complete transformation of your home from top to bottom, depending on your needs and wants for the space. To make the process more successful, decide on many of the details ahead of time and call in the professionals when needed.

Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel Norman

Explore how a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel can add value to your Norman home

There are few projects that can add value to your home like a kitchen remodel. That value comes in many forms including enhanced livability from creating a space in your home for cooking, gathering and entertaining that you did not previously have. In the case of selling your home, an updated kitchen can be appealing to many buyers if you select the right finishes in a reasonable budget.

Whether the value gained is in appreciating your home again or has a financial aspect to it, a well done kitchen remodel can change the overall feel of a home. Making your kitchen more functional and appealing is important when you think about how much time you and your family spend in that space. If you enjoy entertaining, consider how that would impact your plans for a kitchen update or change.

Before you start a remodel, evaluate which elements you want to change. New cabinets, countertops, a backsplash and flooring can address the aesthetic part of a project. To address the flow of the room, you may need to consider the layout of the space. Other changes like adding an island or breakfast bar may require a much larger budget and time frame if you are reconfiguring the space. Adding storage can let you be more organized.

Another change in your Norman home that can add value is a bathroom remodel. Outdated bathrooms can be perceived as dirty or damaged. Even simple updates can have a positive impact on the space. A larger scale bathroom remodel can transform the room in a spa-like retreat.

The first step of a bathroom remodel should be deciding the scale of the project. Do you need a new vanity and finishes, or do you need to change the space more dramatically? This could be replacing a basic bathtub with a jetted soaking tub, or even removing a tub to add an oversized shower.

There are many new materials on the market that can be used as part of the project. From budget friendly to luxury, the look of your bathroom can be personalized to your design taste.

If you want to improve your Norman area home, a well-executed kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel can change some of the most important spaces in your home. From new finishes to a revised floorplan, working with a team of professionals can guide you through the process from design through installation.

Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel Edmond

How can a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel improve your Edmond home?

For many homeowners, the kitchen is much more than a simple prep area for meals, so a kitchen remodel can be the first step in creating their dream home. Whether you want to address outdated finishes, and replace old appliances with a fresh look, or you are thinking about moving or removing walls, there are many options to consider for your Edmond area home.

Working with a designer can let you know what elements are possible in your current space and your projected budget. Some popular choices for homeowners wanting an open concept living area include removing full walls between rooms, and adding islands or breakfast bars that can provide serving, seating or prep space. Projects of that scale may require an engineer to evaluate which walls can be removed and what structural adjustments need to be made as well.

In older homes, keeping the integrity of the era and the architecture can protect the character but create challenges with modernizing the electrical and plumbing to support the updates. New homes can be a blank slate, but need many elements to complete the space

Before meeting with a professional for your home, consider how you currently use the space and what limitations you face (if any) so you can make the new kitchen as functional as it is beautiful. Your lifestyle is an important factor in planning your kitchen remodel. If you frequently entertain family and friends, does your current set up work well or do you lack storage, prep space or seating? Does the flow of the room work for your needs? Those are good questions to start the process to allow you to focus on more than just finishes.

Once you address your needs for a kitchen remodel, you can move on to the finishes. There are many options for countertops, cabinets, flooring and backsplashes that can personalize the feel of the space. From basic and budget friendly to luxurious, a designer can walk you through the choices to select the best materials for your home.

In addition to kitchens, a bathroom remodel is another way to update or reinvent parts of your home. A simple remodel might include cosmetic changes including a new vanity, faucets and flooring, while a complete remodel can change the layout of the space. Larger projects can include adding a spa tub, or transforming an existing unused tub into a shower that is the centerpiece of the room.

In the Edmond area, work with a team experienced in providing homeowners with a high quality kitchen or bathroom remodel.