Top 7 Signs It’s Time To Call a Tulsa Electrcian

There are many electrical problems which can spring up in your Tulsa home, but it can be difficult to recognize them. So, how do you know when it is time to call an electrician? We've put together a list of the signs that it's time to call a professional Tulsa electrician;

1. Faulty or Malfunctioning Outlets
You should call an electrician if your electrical outlet shows some blackening signs, strange discolorations or if it begins to spark whenever you plug in something. If the outlet isn't replaced immediately, you could actually risk starting an electrical fire. You need to get that electrical outlet replaced by a qualified Tulsa electrician.

2. Flickering Lights
One of the most common reasons why homeowners call electricians is to take care of the flickering or blinking lights. Flickering lights are usually caused by an overloaded circuit, damaged wiring, or a malfunctioning appliance or fixture. Even in the older homes, lights should not flicker when they're first turned on. Lights should only flicker if there are issues with the entire electrical grid. If the flickering becomes regular, it's time to call a Tulsa electrician.

3. Electric Shocks
If you happen to experience a minor shock when you flick on a switch or when you plug in an appliance, it's often caused by loose or frayed wiring which in turn causes the circuit to short out. This kind of uncontrolled power can create a very serious fire hazard. You should never try to rectify such as issue by yourself. The best thing to do is to call in a Tulsa electrician to fix the problem for you, and ensure there isn't any underlying cause. 

4. Your Home is More Than 15 Years Old
If your home is more than 15 years old, it might require some updates since there could be wiring that isn't up to code. Older wiring is usually unsafe and is prone to power supply problems. For safety reasons, it is best to call in a professional Tulsa electrician to take a good look and let you know whether (or not) your home needs an update. 

5. Strange Odors
It is normal for new electrical appliances to produce an off odor when they're first powered up. Nevertheless, if there is a strange smell coming from an outlet, it would indicate that something is wrong. Once you notice a strange odor, you should turn off the power and unplug all the main connections. Same goes for when you notice a burning smell coming from your electrical outlet. You should not use the outlet again before contacting a qualified electrician. 

6. Tripping Circuits
Continued tripping of the circuit breakers is a sign that the circuits are drawing more power that they should, and this can cause serious electrical problems. If you find that the circuit breakers are tripping whenever you use appliances or when you turn on lights, you need to call a Tulsa electrician to come and check your electrical system.

7. Stay One Step Ahead
In addition to the aforementioned reasons, a Tulsa electrician can help you stay one step ahead with annual electrical inspections. It's an excellent way to prevent any electrical issues and keep your family safe.

Many electrical fires are caused when homeowners simply ignore the warning signs. If you notice any of the above signs, do not put off calling a Tulsa electrician. While it might be tempting to try to diagnose and fix the problem on your own, this can be very fatal. You should contact us, and we will gladly and promptly help you with all of your electrical issues.