How To Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch Lights

Few things could be more relaxing than sitting in front of your porch and watching the sunset in Tulsa. That is until your porch gets invaded by dozens of pesky bugs who keep buzzing around your lights! Still, that doesn't have to be the end of your lovely evenings. With some simple upgrades to your outdoor lights, you can go back to enjoying your porch and backyard without the unwanted company of insects. As Tulsa electricians, we've seen this time and time again. Here are some of the best ways to keep bugs away from your outdoor lights.

Understand Why Insects Like Your Lights So Much

People don't have any idea about bug behavior, which is why they tend to pick the wrong lighting for their house's outdoor areas. Insects aren't attracted to light bulbs per se, but to what they represent. Being bright and hot, it's easy for a bug to confuse a light bulb with the sun. And since insects depend on the sun and the moon to orient themselves a light bulb in your porch will keep attracting more and more bugs through the night, or until you turn it off.

Change The Color Of Your Light Bulbs

The average light bulb radiates an ultraviolet light that attracts insects. Some colors, like yellow and orange, radiate a higher wavelength that doesn't attract bugs as much, which makes them perfect for your outdoor lighting. Yellow, in particular, is noted for offering excellent lightning in any season. Therefore, if you want to keep your porch and backyard well-lighted, but without having to deal with a swarm of bugs, your best bet would be to buy a yellow Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb.

Pick Bulbs That Have A Low-Heat Emission

Besides the bright lights, insects are also attracted to the heat produced by incandescent bulbs. The average light bulb wastes most of its energy to produce heat, which is why insects confuse it with the sun so easily. And it's also why Tulsa electricians put on mittens to change a light bulb. Changing your incandescent lights for cooler alternatives, like sodium-vapor or halogen lights, will make your outdoor areas less attractive for bugs.

Switch To LED Outdoor Lighting

Though pricey, LED bulbs beat out incandescent lights in almost every area. Besides saving you money on your utility bills, LED bulbs can also provide great lighting outside your house without attracting any annoying bugs. For extra repellent qualities make sure that you pick a bulb with a warm color, such as yellow or orange, to make it even harder for insects to spot it.

Watch Out For Bulbs That Seem Too Good To Be True

Many manufacturers will make wild claims about their products being "bug-free." But no matter how good they may be, no light bulb is perfect. If a bug happens to fly very close to a LED or a CFL yellow bulb it may still be attracted to the heat it radiates, no matter how small this signal may be. So remember that if you need advice on what bulb to pick, or want expert electricians who can help you make any project a reality, Colburn Electric is your go-to contractor for electric solutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma.