Top 5 Energy Saving Myths that Are Costing You Money

In an effort to save money, we always try to find ways to use energy more effectively in our homes. We ask our friends for advice, we Google tips and information about how to go about saving energy and so on. Unfortunately, through our efforts, we come across a lot of information and most of it might not be true. In fact, that information could be costing you a lot of money. We've heard so many myths about energy saving that our Tulsa electricians have decided to debunk most of them here.


1. Your Electronics Won’t Consume Energy if You Switch Them Off

It’s undeniable that switching off your electronics is a good habit when you are not using them but this does not save any energy at all. This is because even when your electronics are switched off, they are still using “standby power”, which allows them to switch back on quickly when you power them back up. If you really want to save energy, always unplug your electronics after you’ve switched them off.


2. Regular Light Bulbs are Cheaper than LED Bulbs

One LED light lasts 8 times longer than regular bulbs. Additionally, they use only a quarter of the energy that regular light bulbs use. You can save up to $39 over the life of just one LED. If you count the number of LED fixtures your home needs, it’s easy to see that you would be saving quite a sum of money when it all adds up.


3. You Won’t Have to Pay for Electricity Once You Get Solar Panels

The problem with most solar panels is that they do not have batteries to store electricity for later. This means that they only produce electricity during the day so you cannot use them at night. While using solar panels will save you $100- $200 per year, you will have to use electricity from your grid when they are not generating any electricity.


4. It is not Possible for Electricity to Leak

When your wiring isn’t done properly, electricity can “leak” out of the wires and into the abyss, causing you to pay for electricity that you haven't used. Apart from mis-wiring, when the wires are too thin to handle the load of electricity being driven through them, they will heat up. That extra heat generated equals wasted energy. Besides, when the heat becomes too much, it can cause a fire. To find out if the wiring in your home is sufficient, you need the help of a professional Tulsa electricians.


5. Leaving the AC Running Saves Energy

It's definitely a waste of money to keep your AC running if you are not in the house. While it takes a lot of energy to cool down a home, leaving the AC on when you are not using it is a waste of electricity. Your best option would be to have a programmable thermostat that will regulate the temperature in your home by letting it warm up during the day and letting it cool down by the time you get home.