4 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea Getting Off The Grid

Regardless of what football team they follow, homeowners across the country can agree on one subject: Electricity is expensive! But while the price of energy has skyrocketed, driven by a huge surge in consumption, the costs of green energy equipment are at an all-time low. So whether you are an environmentally conscious person, would like to save a few dollars on your monthly utilities, or both this is a great chance to get off the grid and start producing your own energy.

Here are 4 reasons why it is a good idea to get off the grid today:

It reduces your carbon footprint

We all leave a negative mark in the environment. By reducing your dependency on the grid you are contributing to making the world a cleaner, safer place for future generations. Renewable sources of electricity, such as solar and wind power, produce no emissions and are a green alternative to the polluting commercial methods of generating electricity, like coal and nuclear power. Oklahoma is a leading state when it comes to green energy. With a little effort, you could put your grain of sand as well!

It is a good investment

Think of all the things you could improve in your house: painting, redecorating your living room, fitting the kitchen, etc. None of those things will add as much value to your home as having your own independent source of renewable energy. Not only does it reduce your utility bill and diminish your carbon footprint, but it can also keep working during times of emergency. A 2013 study done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that renewable energy systems, like solar panels, can withstand hail and even hurricanes. So you can expect to recover every dollar you put into your green energy system and even make a profit when you sell your home.

Renewable electricity has a fixed cost

Don't you hate how the price of utilities never stop rising? Well, by making use of renewable sources of energy you can expect your electricity expenses to remain the same permanently. Besides the costs of purchasing the necessary equipment and paying for its installation, green electricity systems demand only a fraction of the price of commercial electricity on upkeep expenses. So whether it rains or shines you will always have electricity in your house and some extra money in your pockets to have fun on the weekends.

It is money well spent

Think about it. Every step you take towards gaining independence gives you the freedom to live your life how you want to. Would you rather save money for your next family vacations or use it to pay the electric company? By taking responsibility for your energy consumption you are receiving so much more than what you put in. And anytime that you need help from an electrician you can call Colburn Electric and get advice from the leading renewable energy experts in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At Colburn Electric we work towards offering homeowners green energy services that make their houses meet the industry's standards while also costing as little as possible.