Strange Things That Cause Power Outages In Tulsa

Strange Things That Cause Power Outages In Tulsa

There are many strange things that cause power outages in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including things that are in and out of our control. From fallen trees and branches during storms to overloaded power boards, power outages in your home or neighborhood can be caused by a number of different factors. Let’s take a look at some of the most common cause of power outages and how you can deal with this situation.

1. Weather-related conditions

Many outages in Tulsa are caused by weather-related factors such as lightning strikes, ice buildup, heavy snow, hurricanes and high winds. These calamities cause trees and branches to interfere with power lines. Other factors such as heavy ice and snow buildup on power lines and electrical equipment and as a result interfere with power transmission.

2. Overloaded power boards

If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping frequently, chances are that your power boards are overloaded. You will experience this problem if you have lots of electrical appliances or machines plugged into the power board. If this problem is not solved quickly, it can do anything from damaging electrical appliances to causing serious injuries or fires in your home. 

3. Animals

There are several domestic and wild animals common to the Tulsa including foxes, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, and birds. Unfortunate, such animals can be a cause of power outage when they come into contact with electrical equipment and power transmission lines. For instance, a year years ago, a 6-footh snake caused power outage in Alabama. The giant snake slithered its way into the nearest substation. Over seven thousand residents of Gadsden stayed in the darkness for hours. 

4. Faulty power lines and electrical equipment

Power outages can also be caused by faulty power lines and electrical equipment. Besides weather conditions, a number of factors can also damage your lines and electrical equipment. All in all, faulty power line and equipment make up about 15 percent of power disruptions in Tulsa

5. Planned outages

Planned outages are also out of your control. Sometimes electricity providers conduct routine maintenance and regular upgrades to the local electricity substations. These planned outages account for around 10 percent of power disruptions in Tulsa and the surrounding area. 

6. Limited power supply

Limited power supply in a particular power substation is also responsible for power outages in the United States. For instance, during peak electricity hours there is a heavy load on the electric power grid. The stress on the electric power grid can sometimes cause large blackouts if serious measures are not taken.

What to do when the electricity power goes out

If you are experiencing power outage specifically in your home or business area, there are a number of things you need to do before you contact a residential and commercial electrical service in Tulsa. If you have a digital electric meter, check to see the status of power. Also, check your circuit breakers and power boards to make sure that they are not the reason you are experiencing power outages. 

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