Avoid these lighting mistakes at all costs

Lighting fixtures are without a doubt some of the important 
aspects of interior design. When you get it right with your lighting, then 
everything naturally falls into place, both from an aesthetic and functional 
perspective. On the other hand, if you get your lighting all wrong, then you 
are going to have a living environment that simply does not live up to its 

Here are some lighting mistakes to stay away from;


Using non-dimmed incandescent sources of light


Incandescent or halogen sources of light are a great choice, 
but you need to go for fixtures that can be dimmed-after all who wants all that 
glare? When you dim your light sources, you are decreasing the amount of energy 
consumed and at the same time reducing the amount of heat produced around the 
house. In addition to that, dimed lights have a great ROI because they lengthen 
the life of your lamp.


Controlling all types of lights from a single 


You are going to need flexibility and efficiency, and there 
is no way you can achieve this if you control all your lights from one point. 
Think of a situation where you have to dim the bedroom lights but have people 
working in the study. This means that you will end up affecting their 
lighting-every single lighting action you take ends up affecting all parts of 
the house, and that is inconvenient. You can diversify your light controls buy 
using conventional switches. You can also go for programmed wireless controls 
or even choose to use a simple wall box for this purpose- the possibilities are 
limitless here.


Failing to install task lights in the kitchen


We all spend a goodly amount of time in the kitchen, and 
this is why this space needs to be well lit. Most kitchens will have a single 
source of light right in the middle of the ceiling. This is wrong because there 
is no focus on what you really want to do. A good idea will be to install task 
lights around cabinets and counters. Imagine a situation where you are trying 
to cook but can’t sift through  the 
components of your cabinets because you simply can’t see much in there-it’s not 
what you want.


Focusing too much on the optics


Now, don’t get it all wrong. Sure, light can be a great form 
of decoration, but that does not need to be the primary focus. Designers will 
tell you that when they install light fixtures, they are focused on the energy 
output, performance and efficiency. Choosing fixtures just because they look 
good is not a wise idea because then, you ae sacrificing everything for the 


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