Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel Edmond

How can a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel improve your Edmond home?

For many homeowners, the kitchen is much more than a simple prep area for meals, so a kitchen remodel can be the first step in creating their dream home. Whether you want to address outdated finishes, and replace old appliances with a fresh look, or you are thinking about moving or removing walls, there are many options to consider for your Edmond area home.

Working with a designer can let you know what elements are possible in your current space and your projected budget. Some popular choices for homeowners wanting an open concept living area include removing full walls between rooms, and adding islands or breakfast bars that can provide serving, seating or prep space. Projects of that scale may require an engineer to evaluate which walls can be removed and what structural adjustments need to be made as well.

In older homes, keeping the integrity of the era and the architecture can protect the character but create challenges with modernizing the electrical and plumbing to support the updates. New homes can be a blank slate, but need many elements to complete the space

Before meeting with a professional for your home, consider how you currently use the space and what limitations you face (if any) so you can make the new kitchen as functional as it is beautiful. Your lifestyle is an important factor in planning your kitchen remodel. If you frequently entertain family and friends, does your current set up work well or do you lack storage, prep space or seating? Does the flow of the room work for your needs? Those are good questions to start the process to allow you to focus on more than just finishes.

Once you address your needs for a kitchen remodel, you can move on to the finishes. There are many options for countertops, cabinets, flooring and backsplashes that can personalize the feel of the space. From basic and budget friendly to luxurious, a designer can walk you through the choices to select the best materials for your home.

In addition to kitchens, a bathroom remodel is another way to update or reinvent parts of your home. A simple remodel might include cosmetic changes including a new vanity, faucets and flooring, while a complete remodel can change the layout of the space. Larger projects can include adding a spa tub, or transforming an existing unused tub into a shower that is the centerpiece of the room.

In the Edmond area, work with a team experienced in providing homeowners with a high quality kitchen or bathroom remodel.