A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Roof Shingles

Tulsa Roofing ContractorsYou don’t have to visit hardware stores to shop for your roofing materials no because you can do it online. You have more options, and you can make better decisions because of the available information.
When it comes to Tulsa roof installation, shingles are the primary consideration for design. This is because these are positioned as the outermost layer of the roof, the only visible ones outside. Your roofing contractor will be the one to ensure that your desired shingles and needs are properly supported.
A roofing contractor will consider your desired material for the shingles. If you can’t decide, here are some types of shingles and their subtypes, components, advantages and disadvantages.
Asphalt Shingles
Asphalt shingles are most preferred in the US. That’s why Tulsa roofing contractors and Tulsa roofing installers concentrate on providing asphalt shingles. These are fiberglass-based and have some attributes of paper. Apart from the variations, these are highly favored because of their durability, affordability and ease of installation. Some types are even recyclable. A disadvantage of these materials is the possible leakage caused by natural elements. These will cause the protective oils to be removed. As a result, the size of the shingles will decrease; causing nail heads to be exposed.
Metal Shingles
Unlike asphalt shingles, metal ones can be installed on the sides of a building; though this is not common. You also have a lot of options in terms of their components and processing. The variations are: tin, lead, stone-coated steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, metal tile sheets, silicon, zinc, and corrugated galvanized steel. Most of these materials are recyclable. You can even ask your roofing contractor about the percentage of the reused elements. Metal shingles can corrode after a long time or due to the heavy rains.
Slate Shingles
If you want the most durable roof shingles, a Tulsa roofing contractor will recommend slate tiles. This could even outlive an average person. These can last for more than a century. These are available in various designs and colors as well. The only disadvantage is the price. Since they are long-lasting, expect them to be the most expensive as well.
Wood Shingles
Shakes and shingles are two kinds of wood shingles. These are the best ones in terms of aesthetic appeal. However, these are known to be a fire hazard. A Tulsa roofing contractor should make sure that certain measures are done to avoid the highly combustible regions of the house.
With this information, you can negotiate with a roofing contractor better. Whatever your priority may be – price, design, and durability – there’s a corresponding shingle for you.

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