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5 Features Your Old Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Have


overhead doors tulsaGarage door openers are simple enough in design that they don’t break often. However, the latest models of door openers have certain features that make them worthwhile to upgrade from old models. Here are a few features that should be added to every homeowner’s next garage door opener installation.

  1. Electronic Eyes Electronic eyes have been available since the early 90’s, but a lot of homeowners have yet to have them installed. These eyes are safety features that prevent garage doors from accidentally pinning down cars, pets and children. The eyes are basically two sensors that face each other. They are placed at each end of the doorway about six inches above the floor. These sensors form a light beam. If any object is placed between them, the light beam is interrupted. This prompts the eyes to stop the door from closing and opens it instead.
  2. Belt or Screw Drive Many households use chain-drive openers for their garages. Because it is the oldest model, it is also the cheapest. Unfortunately, this model is so noisy it can easily wake-up anyone sleeping in a room above or near the garage.  The latest trend in garage door opener installation is the use of belt or screw-drive openers. Belt-drive openers have similar mechanisms to chain-drive openers except they use a rubber belt instead of a chain. This model is virtually noiseless, but it also costs the most.   Screw-drive openers have a simpler mechanism compared to chain-drive openers making them easy to maintain. Although they’re not as quiet as belt-drives, they are cheaper and easier to install.
  3. Keyless Entry Pad Keyless entry pads used to be an object of the movies but today, they are common safety features for garage doors. Basically, these number pads are mounted outside of garages so homeowners can enter a code and get to their cars without using a key. This is handy if a homeowner somehow locks himself out of his garage.
  4. Wall-mounted controls can also be used to turn lights on and off. For those who want more futuristic controls, companies also offer fingerprint analyzing units aside from their traditional number pad.
  5. Backup Power Many homeowners have found themselves locked out of their homes because they couldn’t open their garage doors due to a power outage. Luckily, the latest models of garage door openers come equipped with a small backup system that maintains their functions even without electricity.
  6. Multifunction Remotes  Traditionally, garage door openers come with remotes that did one thing; they opened and closed the garage door. Today, remotes have three buttons that allow them to control doors, lights and gates.Also, remotes used to have a single code that is transmitted to the door opener. Unfortunately, this code could easily be intercepted by thieves and retransmitted to open the garage. Today, homeowners can benefit from rolling codes. These codes constantly change and are generated randomly. So even if a thief intercepts the codes this morning, the codes won’t work when used tonight.

In most cases, garage door systems can be updated instead of replaced. However, for homeowners who are on their first garage door opener installation, it’s a good idea to invest in the latest models available.


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