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Overhead Garage Doors for your Tulsa Home

overhead doors tulsaWhen considering a new overhead garage door for your Tulsa home, there are several things to think about. First, what type of door do you need? And what qualities are more important to you? Do you want something sturdy that will hold up over the years, or are you more interested in adding some style and artistic design to the outside appearance of your home? Do you want a door made out of wood, steel or fiberglass? Which doors would be the most energy efficient? And finally, how much is everything going to cost?

Well, for starters if you’re going for a good strong overhead garage door, you’ll want to go with a fully insulated steel garage door. These doors don’t typically give you many fancy design options, but they do the job and do it very well. Steel doors are fully insulated so they are energy efficient, they’re easy to clean and require very little maintenance. They are also built to last and can make it through many harsh weather conditions, keeping everything you have inside your garage safe and sound.

While most steel doors are plain, there are some companies that offer steel doors with a wooden appearance. These doors will give your home the look of beautiful finished cherry or oak wood while giving it the protection of reliable steel metal.

Some of the various styles and types of residential overhead doors available at many merchants in Tulsa are Ranch style doors, Modern Aluminum, Thermacore and other custom designed styles that are made to fit your own taste and budget. Ranch style doors are well crafted and highly detailed with a rustic wooden look that looks great on a modernized cabin or country home. The modern Aluminum doors with their sleek lines and shiny panes of glass will compliment any contemporary residence. And the new Thermacore insulated steel doors are made to be extremely strong and energy efficient for those homeowners with safety and security in mind.

Be sure to ask your local garage door dealer about any of these new styles and features available. Any professional garage door company will gladly assist their customers with finding the perfect door style and shape to go with their home’s décor and they’ll make sure it fits the frame just right so that there aren’t any gaps in the entryway. Keeping your family and all your precious valuables safe.

Garage door prices will typically run on average anywhere from $700 to $1,200. This is the basic price range to have any 16×7 steel garage door installed by a professional. You may be able to find a cheaper price by asking around, but be aware that less expensive models are usually made of thinner material. For a good quality door that will last over time, it’s best to pay a little extra up front. Also custom designs add to the final cost of the product so you have that to consider as well. The price of an installation alone, should run around $300 to $500 dollars, based on what type of door you are having installed.

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