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Choosing Granite Vanity Countertops for the Bathroom


granite countertops tulsaNext to shower stall and toilet, another basic concern for remodeling the bathrooms is the material to be used for the vanity countertops. Fortunately, unlike with countertops meant for the kitchen, the one for the bathroom sink does not have to be strictly utilitarian in style. After all, it seldom takes the same degree of abuse that the kitchen countertop is basically given to: knife scratches, food stains and surface cracks due to accidental drops of heavy objects.

Being more of a room for personal use, the bathroom can be equipped with sophisticated materials in order for you to enjoy the luxury that it offers. You are free to use any design material which you deem fit for this area.

This is where granite steals the scene. Known as a versatile countertop material for the kitchen, this natural stone exudes a luxurious feel when used inside the bathroom. It works well with the rest of the traditional bathroom elements such as tile, glass, porcelain and stainless steel. Vanity countertops which are manufactured from granite slabs add interest and class to any bathroom sink. Here are some of the reasons why granite is one of the best-selling materials for the bathroom:

•    Unique Patterns – Each granite slab that is quarried from a particular area possesses a unique appearance which combines the mineral content of quartz, feldspar and mica. These elements help create interesting patterns on the stone’s surface. Three common patterns are the grain specks, veins and swirls. Granite is ideal for the bathroom because it offers a natural look which is reminiscent of the hidden springs.

•    Easy to Maintain – If you tend to worry about surfaces getting stained, you should consider shifting to granite for your vanity countertops. Unlike tile which absorbs stains and germs through its grouts, granite is easily-cleaned using soap and water. It is impervious to hard water stains and remains sparkly even after using the sink. Pre-sealed granite slabs even better because they also resist scratches.

•    Variety of Colors – If your preferred design makes use of color-matching, you can be sure to find the right shade for your bathroom. For instance, you may opt for Azul granite if your tiles have blue hues. Similarly, you can also use colored granite slabs to create an eclectic style inside the bathroom. Since granite is versatile, it adapts well to the dominant elements without sacrificing its own appeal.

While most of the granite bathroom countertops are custom-made, it is interesting to note that a lot of manufacturers these days have started to offer pre-made models that suit specific dimensions of bathroom sinks. In some instances, the sink itself is provided as well as the plumbing hardware to ensure the perfect fit. Some vanity countertops even include the same granite backsplash and sidesplash.

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