home remodeling tulsa

A top to bottom guide to turn your home into your dream home

There was a reason you bought your current house. Maybe it was the location, the yard, the floor plan, or even the price. Over time that love for your home may start to diminish, but with a little focus and some quality contractors you can want to stay again. Even if you still like your home as much as the day you bought it, or even more, there might be a few slight cosmetic changes for convenience or to bring in the wow factor you think it lacks.

Exterior home improvements can protect your investment and add curb appeal

When you pull up to your home at the end of the day, do you take pride in the way it looks? If you see things that need to be improved, what are they? Keeping the outside of your home in great shape can not only protect the value of your home, but making necessary repairs can also protect your investment in many other ways.

home remodeling tulsaStarting at the top may be practical since roofing is a necessity on any home. Many people consider this routine maintenance, but new materials can also improve the appearance of your home, increase energy efficiency, last longer than previous choices and add value. A leaky roof is not just unsightly, it can be causing damage to other parts of your home, even if you don’t see the problems right away. It is important to work with a roofing company that can discuss the options for your house, and also be able to handle any construction tasks to make repairs along the way.

New garage doors can be both functional and attractive. There are many styles to choose from that can add character, but even a basic option can greatly improve the exterior if it replaces a dented, damaged or unappealing door. If it has been a while since you have looked at the choices on the market, you will be pleasantly surprised by the options of insulation on the doors.

Not all changes can be highly visible, but they are still important, including keeping unwanted critters of all types away. Since they are likely entering your home from the outdoor, pest control is another area that can protect your home and make you enjoy living there again. The thought of bugs, spiders, ants or rodents can be unpleasant, especially if they are in your house. When you work with a professional pest control company to get a plan together to treat your home, with regular maintenance you can forget this problem existed.

Interior home improvements can add style and make you appreciate your home

Watch almost any real estate show and you will hear that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. These two areas of the home require more work to upgrade, but once the changes are complete it can feel like a brand new place. Other changes like window treatments may be limited to one room or they could provide a much needed update throughout the entire space.

Kitchen countertops have come a long way from the days of limited materials in a few basic colors. Today, homeowners can choose from granite or other natural stones, solid surface, concrete and laminate, just to name a few. It is not just the materials that have changed, fabrication options for some choices allow for undermount sinks, and there are many styles of edges available. Even in homes where the cabinets still look great and are in style, changing out the countertops can make a kitchen appear more high end and more current.

Kitchens are the only place, people are wanting to update their home. The idea of a spa-like bathroom is appealing to many homeowners. Over time bathroom vanities can begin to show the wear and tear they go through regularly. Even if they have fared well, an outdated style can age a home and not create the desired environment for relaxation. In the event that you will be selling your home, switching out the vanity in your bathroom with a newer or more attractive version can make buyers feel like this is not an area they will have to move into and change right away.

In nearly any room of your home an investment in better window treatments can improve a space. Beyond just removing old, outdated treatments that may seem dingy, getting the right option for a room can also include filtering the light better. Some spaces need window coverings to block excessive light, especially at certain times each day, while others need an option that lets more light in. Addressing privacy concerns is another factor many homeowners face. Working with a professional can assist with everything from measuring to discussing which products work best in your home.

If space is an issue in your home it can be tough to comfortable accommodate guests, especially without a dedicated guest room. The idea of putting out air mattresses may not be what you want or what your guests want either. If you have any area that can hold a Murphy bed, then you might want to explore this space-saving option. Although it may seem like something you would see in a loft or high rise, a safe, well-crafted Murphy bed can provide the sleeping accommodations for guests in a space that generally has other uses the rest of the time.

Taking a comprehensive look at your home, from the roof to the ground- and all the spaces in between, can provide a guide for how to make your home great again. Regardless of all the things about your home you would like to change, there are probably many reasons consider reinvesting in your current home instead of starting all over. Think about the scope of work that would turn your current home into your dream home. Then decide if you would prefer to go one space at a time, or if you want to literally go top to bottom to make the changes you want. When the time comes that you want or need to sell your home, you can be confident it will show better to potential buyers who can focus on what makes it great instead of what needs to be fixed, if you make wise improvements that add value.